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TopChef Equipment

At TopChef, we are extremely passionate about what we do & how we do our work professionally, contributing to our customer’s success in their F&B businesses.

We don’t just design, plan & construct a commercial kitchen, which any customer could easily find a contractor to accomplish such job. What we do & pride ourselves with, on top of the usual design, plan & layout work – is our attitude towards the outcome quality. Our motivated team of backup service & support; our quality of work; our accumulated experiences; our integrity – do what we promise to do & most importantly, we are always thinking in our customers’ shoes.

During designing & planning, we show customers step by step on how these could be accomplished. We communicate and provide them an understanding of the kind of value they are getting with the money they are investing.

Our purpose being here is not just to be profitable which is the sole reason for the existence of any business, but more to it is to help our customers to be successful, to have a kitchen that churn out delicious food efficiently & effectively, and to serve diners with minimum downtime of equipment.

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